Period: 20-22 July 2016
Duration: 24 Hours (3 days)
Location: Paramaribo, Suriname
Language: English

Statistics show an increasing number of fatalities due to unsafe acts and or operations of a Forklift. Not to mention those who are paralyzed and are unable to continue work. In order to minimize these risks people should be trained and authorized to operate forklift trucks according to applicable Standards.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Locate, identify and explain the function of the major components of the lift truck.
  • Explain the various concepts cq. "Load center" and "control balance".
  • Read and explain the information indicated on the information plate of the lift truck.
  • Demonstrate proper walk around and functional testing and correct reporting of Complaints.
  • Demonstrate proper driving techniques according to procedure.
  • Demonstrate the safe handling of goods according to the proper procedure in a Warehouse.
  • Evaluation:
    The course will be concluded with a 40- questions written test and demonstration of skills by each participants. Successful completion of the course will be rewarded with a Forklift Truck 2-3 Ton- Certificate.

    Duration / Time Date Location
    Day 1 / 8 uren (8 am - 4 pm) 20 July 2016 Paramaribo, Suriname
    Day 2 / 8 uren (8 am - 4 pm) 21 July 2016 Paramaribo, Suriname
    Day 3 / 8 uren (8 am - 4 pm) 22 July 2016 Paramaribo, Suriname

    Training Fee: USD $650 p/person this includes Training manual , snacks , bevarages and lunch. Exclusive hotel and transportation (Recommendation possible).
    Special: Early Birds registration available for USD $550 and save USD $100 for payment before 30 June 2016.
    Payment Option:(1)Bank Transfer to: RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Curacao: USD Account# 86010670. (2)CASH
    Contact: CHEEC Office, Sastrodisoemoweg no. 4, Lelydorp, Suriname
    Phone: +597-368138 / +597-7240244 / +597-7240299
    Online Registration: http://www.cheec.net or Email us: info@cheec.net

    "Because we are also committed to the performance of your company”

Terms and Conditions: 1. Payment must be made in full 1 week before training date. 2. Cancellation no later then 1 week before training date please contact our office.
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Bank Transfer to: RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Curacao: USD Account# 86010670. Please specify name and training on the transfer deposit.
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