Crane Operator Training

Cranes are machines used for lifting, equipped with hoisting equipment, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally.

The Crane Operators training includes using lifting or hoisting equipment such as: cranes and hoist to lift and move the load. Although the job seems simple, the rigger and the crane operator must be aware that there are potential hazards.

Most causes of crane accidents are:

  • Ignorance of rigging & lifting procedures
  • Little or no knowledge about rigging hardware
  • Poor maintenance of the lifting equipment

To prevent the incidents, it is therefore necessary that all persons involved in the lifting process, have the basic knowledge of lifting, rigging and hand signaling in general. Especially for the Mobile Crane Operator, given the high risk factor during lifting. Training and supervision are essential to achieve safe and proper performance on the job.

Our certified crane instructors provide crane training for all types of cranes for example:

  1. Boom truck cranes
  2. Crawler cranes
  3. Rough terrain cranes
  4. Telescopic cranes
  5. Knuckle boom cranes
  6. Level luffing cranes
  7. Jib cranes
  8. Bulk handling cranes etc.

Target group: Freshman and experienced operators

Group size: 4-8


  1. Minimum age is 18 years
  2. Basic Operators Training (BOT)
  3. Basic Operators Safety (BOS)
  4. Rigging & Hand Signalling training
Duration: 3 days (24hours)

Description: After training, the trainees are able to:

  • Identify the main components of the mobile crane

  • Carrying out pre-operational inspection

  • Interpretation of Mobile Crane Load Charts
  • Demonstrating the proper and safe Crane set up
  • Specify the procedure to be used when working near high voltage cables

  • Specify the procedure to be used for hoisting workers

  • Demonstrating lifting operations with the correct and safe method

Evaluation: Trainees finalize the training with a written or oral and practical test. After completing this training with success participants are qualified crane operators.

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