Forklift Truck Training

Although forklift trucks do not belong to heavy equipment, this machine is used to lift and transport materials. Yearly allot of accidents with fork lift trucks are reported due to unsafe operating. That is why it is important to follow safety and proper operating techniques to prevent or reduce accidents or near misses. This training covers all the aspects every forklift truck operator must know to operate the machine efficient and safe.

Target group: Freshman and experienced operators

Group size: 4-8

Requirements: Basic Operators Training (BOT), Basic Operators Safety (BOS) & Defensive Driving

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

Description: This training covers certain topics like:

  • The main components of the forklift truck
  • Driving- and operating techniques
  • Loading, unloading and parking the forklift truck

Evaluation: Trainees finalize the training with a written or oral and practical test. After completing this training with success participants are qualified Forklift operators.