Operator Training Level 2 - Machine Operating

The training Level 2 Machine Operating is the second step in the operators qualification program. This training is also known as "Machine Operators Training'  (MOT) and covers only one equipment type and model for 3 (three) days. After gaining the general knowledge of machines, each operator gets a separate training on a machine model they operate for example a excavator, bulldozer or off highway truck. They will be trained in the proper machine safety and operating techniques that will improve machine productivity, reliability and availability.

Target group: Level-1 graduates

Group size: 6-8

Requirements: Level 1 (Basic Operators Training)

Duration: 3 days (24 hours)

Description: The important aspects of Level 2 training are:

  1. Proper Machine Starting & Shutdown/Reporting
  2. Machine operating technique en efficiency tips
  3. Safety
Evaluation: Trainees finalize the training with a written or oral- and practical test. After completing this training with success participants may proceed with the training Level 3 Machine Specific.