The Heavy Equipment School internship is part of the operators and technicians program. This period is intended for the students in their final stage of the course to enhance their practical experience on heavy equipment. This takes place according to the OSHA standard 1926.602 "Safety and Health Regulations for Construction Sub part O.

To complete the internship successfully, the student works approximately 3-4 weeks, 40 (forty) clock hours in a registered company where heavy equipment is used. This company must meet our heavy equipment company internship requirements. The Level 3 for operators and technicians consists of practical assignments and writing an internship report. The tasks during the training period depends on the company activities.

The overall aspects during the internship program are as follow:

  • Safety
  • Machine orientation
  • Machine Tutorial
  • Pre-job discussion
  • Machine Inspection
  • Site preparation & operation guide
  • Operation depends on the type of machine

The duration of the training period varies from 3 weeks to one month, depending on the skill development and performance of the student.When completing the forty hours in a heavy equipment company, the student is examined by an external instructor. Passing this examination, the student must write an internship report.