Joel Levitt

Welcome to the wonderful world of Maintenance Management by Joel Levitt

Introducing Joel Levitt:

Since 1980 Mr. Levitt has been the President of Springfield Resources, maintenance consultants in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, oil, airports, hospitals, high tech manufacturing, school systems, government, etc. Springfield Resources has worked in highly regulated, unregulated, union and non-union environments.
Levitt is a leading maintenance trainer throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, Gulf region, the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has trained over 15,000 maintenance professionals from 20 countries in more than 500 classes and workshops. Surveys of his students show that 98% rated the training very good or excellent.
Prior to SRC, Levitt was a senior consultant at Computer Cost Control Corp. There he designed computerized maintenance management systems for organizations including FedEx, United Airlines, JFK Airport, BFI, etc. He designed, installed and serviced a complete automation system with rack controls, accounting, and inventory controls for BP North America’s 30,000-barrel/day-oil terminal.
Mr. Levitt has written seven books on maintenance management and contributed chapters to two other books. He has written over six-dozen articles for trade publications on maintenance topics.
His teaching style is noted for its humor and plain straight talking. Students should expect to be introduced to a great deal of material, real-life examples, successful practices from around the world, and have a good time as well.