Operator Training Level 1 - Basic Operating

Heavy Equipments are very expensive machines for production that must be used very efficiently and safely to have a high return on investment. Machine inspection, machine defects reporting, proper start-up and shutdown procedures and knowledge of the machine systems are important topics the operator has to take care of. With the above mentioned, the operator and the mechanic can speak the same language. This Basic Operators Training (BOT) is the basis for the right operating attitude to prevent unnecessary down- time.

Target group: Freshman and experienced operators, minimum age 18

Group size: 8-10

Requirements: none

Duration: 5 days (40 hours)

Description: Some of the important aspects about our Level 1 training are:
  1. General Concept of Machine Shutdown/Reporting
  2. General Concept of Machine Pre-start procedure
  3. Daily inspection
Evaluation: Trainees finalize the training with a written or oral test. After completing this training with success participants may proceed with the training Level 2 Machine operating.