Operator training

The heavy equipment operator has according to procedure, the knowledge and the skills to operate a machine in a safe and efficient way. The operating varies from bulldozers to backhoe loaders, motor graders, excavators etc. The difference between the machines is enormous. An operator must know his machine from front to back and top to bottom, before starting to move the blade or bucket form a bulldozer or excavator.

Preventive maintenance and safety inspections are very important aspects in the job of the operator to reduce machine downtime. For sure, as well for his own safety. But the operator’s job doesn’t end here. He has to know more than just the machine. The material that must be dug, job preparation, controlling the machine in slopes are some of the topics that are very important in the operator’s job. The operator must know and be aware of what he is doing, and the consequences of neglecting the proper procedure as well. With the Operators Qualification Process below, the operators will surely be trained in the proper operating procedures, with the result of being a qualified operator.

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