Requirements & Enrollment

Admission requirements

To participate in our Heavy Equipment School, candidates that subscribe for the program must have:

  1. An secondary education diploma
  2. At least 18 years old
  3. Drivers license (for truck drivers and grader operators)
  4. Must be able to read and write

However candidates with a primary school diploma/certificate will be submitted to a Basic Technical Entry test as prerequisite.

When the candidate meets our requirements mentioned above, the student will be admitted to the desired operators or technicians program.

Student enrollment procedure

To enroll in one of our courses candidates will have to follow the steps mentioned above:

  • Contact CHEEC training center or a official representative to inform them you are interested in enrolling in the school program
  • Complete interview with our front desk officer or school representative
  • Payment at local bank
  • Fill out a subscription-list or apply online
  • Understand and sign the HES policy and agreement
  • After completing these steps the student will be informed about a teach-in before starting with the course