Rigging & Hand Signalling Training

Material Handling is a procedure or process where cranes or other material handling equipment move heavy loads by lifting them to the desired place.
Although this job looks easy, the rigger (a person that specializes in the lifting and moving of extremely large or heavy objects) and the crane operator must be aware that there are potential hazards.

Most accidents occur when:

  • Ignorance of rigging & lifting procedures
  • Little or no knowledge about rigging hardware
  • Poor maintenance of the lifting appliance
To prevent accidents (personal and property damage) , it is therefore necessary that all persons involved in the lifting process are educated in the basic concepts of lifting, rigging and hand signaling. Very important are the people working under very dangerous circumstances like ships, platforms, swamps and rough terrain. Training and coaching of the employees working with heavy equipment is essential to achieve a safe and efficient job result.

Target group: Freshman and experienced operators

Group size: 8-12


  1. Minimum age is 18 years
  2. Mathematics

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

Description: Completing the training with success trainees will be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the use of rigging hardware
  2. The maintenance and inspection of wire ropes, slings, etc. according to proper procedure
  3. Demonstrating proper rigging & hand signals for the operator when operating material handling equipment.