Technician Training Level 3 - Specific

Each new machine has new features for the operators and technicians.Because of this, the operators and mechanics must become familiar with the meaning and functions of the new features.

Target group: Level-2 Graduates
Group size: 6-8
Requirements: Drivers license
Duration: 3 days (24 hours)
Description: This Level 3 Advanced Systems Technicians Training is for experienced technicians and/ or qualified technicians, on a specific machine model. For example, 320C Hydraulic excavator, Man truck, Crane, D8 Dozer, Motor grader etc.The proper way to test and troubleshoot the machine systems is covered in the training. During this level the trainees work with a specific equipment. They know the basics, the proper measurement procedures and know how to make a root cause analysis. Everything that is learned and implemented in the previous levels are applied in Level 3.
Evaluation: Trainees finalize the training with a written- and practical test. After completing this training; successful completion of the pre-screening, successful completion of the screening on-the- job on the machine, participants are qualified heavy equipment technicians.

The qualification is valid for 2 (two) years. This course does not expire however retraining is recommended every 2 years due to changes in regulations, standards and technology to update knowledge.

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