We all want our loved ones to come home safe after a day of work. Being aware of safety is important wherever you are, whether it's at work, on the street or at home. However, sometimes we forget to pay attention to certain situations, like working at heights or in hot areas. Accidents can happen, but they can be prevented.

As an OSHAcademy Authorized Training Provider, CHEEC offers a range of courses that can increase safety awareness for anyone. These courses cover topics such as safety management, effective safety committee operations, hazard analysis and control, and personal protective equipment. We also offer training on fall protection, electrical safety, and fire prevention plans and more.

By taking these courses, you can learn how to prevent accidents and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. With the OSHAcademy Training programs, you can increase your safety awareness and reduce the risk of accidents in any situation.

Please click on the link below for an overview of the OSHAcademy Training Programs that you can register for.

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