Heavy Equipment School

The Heavy Equipment School (HES) is the perfect place for those who want to become qualified operators or technicians. Our courses are designed for individuals seeking a career in the heavy equipment industry, as well as heavy equipment dealers who want to learn more about their equipment and safety issues. Our goal is to educate and provide the local and regional market with skilled and qualified operators and technicians. We offer courses in Machine Systems and Operation of Heavy Equipment, developed and presented using our Competency-Based Method. Our curriculum is intensive, focusing on practical work and relevant occupational theory. After each course, students receive written & practical test results. Graduates from our program demonstrate competence in a wide range of skills and knowledge related to mechanical and operating machine systems. Successful completion of the course results in a CHEEC Heavy Equipment School Diploma for the Diploma Course Path and a Heavy Equipment School Certificate for the Certification Course Path. To keep their knowledge up-to-date, operators or technicians must follow a refreshment course. For information about requirements and enrollment, please contact us by using the Contact button below.
Join us to start your journey towards becoming a skilled and qualified operator or technician!

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